Curate a Crop

Be a Seedsaver.  Curate a Crop. 
How it works:
  1. You pick from these selected heirloom crops.
  2. We provide you with the seeds or the seedlings.  For free.
  3. You grow the plants in your garden, enjoy what you harvest, but leave a plant or two to go to seed.
  4. We send you tips on growing these varieties, and on seed collecting.
  5. You harvest the seed and bring it back to us for next year.
These crops are specially selected for our cool Mediterranean climate, easy seed saving and deliciousness.
Why do this?
  • Support your local seed library.
  • Create a population of locally-adapted, open-pollinated seed to feed our communities
  • Learn more about seed saving.

Your local seed libraries need you to grow, save, and return seed

Help by joining the Curate-a-Crop program

  •    Pick out one or more varieties from the collection highlights to grow out
  •    Return seed and share your story after the harvest
  •    Attend our one or more workshops to skill up your seed saving
  •    Attend events to meet other seed savers
  •    Create a population of locally-adapted open-pollinated seed to feed our cities

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